Jazz Hiphop Street Festival

This is the first edition of kenyan Hiphop & Jazz festival, wich will be held at Ukoo Flani Mau mau
street in Dandora,Nairobi,kenya. The event is aimed at supporting kenyan Hiphop music scene & to create platform for the young upcoming & underground artists. Great right! I know 😉.
It is expected to be one of the best experience to jazz lovers, especially street hiphop fans.



About This Republique

Wikipedia and the Oxford dictionary define a republic as “A group with a certain equality between its members.” You now know where I’m heading, right? (hehe you will if you are smart). Give me a minute I’m coming back to that. I’ve met different people who I tell them what I do and they are like, “what is that, I’ve never heard of the term snood”. If you one of them I’m gonna tell you now simply. We go back to Wikipedia “Today the modern snood is a tube-shaped thick piece, oftentimes made of wool, that is worn scrunched up around the neck like a gator or pulled over the head like a hood.” Now you get it. A snood is different from a scarf because it does not have a free end like the scarf, simply know as infinity scarf.

Now back to the republic. I had a thought of what common thing in terms of fashion that people could have, it seemed like every other form of fashion was taken. Have you ever wondered “what other thing is left to be invented after all that we have in this world blah blah blah”. This is what was running in my mind at the moment. shoes were there, sandals, pants, shirts and every other thing apart from this all-weather classy and fashionable ‘scarfs’ that I saw someone wear and had to take the opportunity because it was not so common in our country or rather my city NAIROBI. This being a fashion blog, I will stop talking much and go straight to some few pics to help you know what a snood is. Follow me

dark colored snoods
colored snoods
child wearing a snood
child wearing a snood
A snoody couple :-)
A snoody couple 🙂
snoods do come in different shapes and designs. this for instance is kinda diffrent
snoods do come in different shapes and designs. this for instance is kinda diffrent
Hijab-like snood
Hijab-like snood

I guess by now you all know what those photos have in common. If not just GERRARAHIA please. Now you know what our republique is all about, SNOODS